A technology for realizing detection diagnosis classification surveillance using computer vision technology and deep learning. It learns Pidotech’s most optimal deep learning model according to the image and video data in the field. It is a customized service that provides a model in the form of a service that meets customer needs.

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BruceEYE necessity

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    Learns deep Learning model Quickly and accurately by recognizing and processing data with various images preprocessing technologies

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    Selected and learned the most optimal Deep Learning model for data among various built-in algorithms

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    Able to immediately and accurately identify objects that are difficult for humans to identify.

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    Efficient monitoring management of large areas and multiple operating systems with continuous monitoring

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    Rapid response by detecting anomalies and giving alarms

BruceEYE Process


  • Detecting defective goods

  • Medical diagnosis

  • Sorting metals

  • Parking space recognition

  • video surveillance

  • License plate identification

  • Face recognition

  • fingerprint recognition