• Software and AI Technology

  • Technology Consulting

  • Major Project

  • Customized Software Development

  • Training and Technical support

  • 01

    Software and AI technology development

    We are self-developing process integration, automation technology, and latest designing method necessary for implementing Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO). In addition, we develop and provide MDO software Enhanced withartificial intelligence technology for engineering design and various artificial intelligence services for their respective purposes. This provides clear values in improving product performance, reducing cost for development and shortening the Development developing period.

  • 02

    Technology Consulting

    We analyze customers’ requests for design and provide a design process that ensures improved efficiency and performance with the data analyzed. In addition, we provide a solution that can maximize performance and quality of the products as well and report that can explain about the solution. With better analysis and designing process, applicability of the technology can be improved in terms of the technological independence and subsequent product development.

  • 03

    Customized Software Development

    Based on long-term accumulation ofexperiences, we have integrated the latest IT technologies of analysis automation, design optimization, and artificial intelligence to provide customized software optimized for customer's product development process and environment. Through the user-friendly software configuration and efficient design procedure, we expect the effect of man-hour reduction.

  • 04

    Training and technical support

    Pidotech’s specialized training curriculum which contains technical know-hows of the experts related to optimal design and artificial intelligence is regularly provided. In addition, we are equipped with a technical support system that promptly responds to inquiries and requests and finally confirms the resolution. Accordingly anyone who is interested in Pidotech technology can receive professional and friendly technical support service.