• Engineering design technology enhanced with artificial intelligence

    We develop and provide MultidisciplinaryDesign Optimization (MDO) software with enhanced engineering design AI technology and various AI services for the purposes

  • The best solution you’ve been looking for

    We develop our own software optimized for the customer’s product development process and environment. Through the software configuration and efficient design procedure, you can see The man-hour reduction effect.

  • Technology for the value of being together

    For the last 20 years, Pidotech has provided many domestic and foreign customers very clear values such as reduced cost and improved performance in the process of developing the product. In the future, Pidotech’s passion for customer value will continue.

We develop customized MDO and AI service technology

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  • PRODUCT 01


    SW Enhanced with artificial intelligence technology

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  • PRODUCT 02


    AI-based autonomous and report automation SW

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Pidotech’s AI platform provides the best solution using various AI engines needed for the respective designs and conditions.

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Pidotech’s specialized training curriculum which contains technical know-hows of the experts related to optimal design and artificial intelligence

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