BruceTS is a technology that can utilizes Deep Learning to predict time-series data mainly in the engineering field. It is a customized service that offers assistance in the form of a service that satisfies customer needs.

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  • 01

    Able to predict the future system phenomenon simply using the provided time-series data, without any actual experimentation.

  • 02

    With Deep Learning for time-series prediction, BruceTS can provide services that satisfy customer needs by quickly and accurately predicting time-series data, which is challenging to obtain.

  • 03

    Easy to implement in practical situations.

BruceTS Process

Application Cases

Predicting remaining useful life of Lithium Ion batteries

  • SOH measured value

  • SOH predicted value

  • Prediction Start

    Result of B0005

  • Prediction Start

    Result of B0006

  • Prediction Start

    Result of B0018